Data security

Data security, confidentiality and reliability

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Technological infrastructure

All AT Internet data is stored in an international-scale data centre, equipped with backup procedures which ensure a high level of security. With more than 350,000 audited sites and more than 50 billion server calls per month, AT Internet guarantees that its services are available 99% of the time.


Labels and certifications

The different labels and certifications that we have obtained confirm the reliability of our measured data. In France our data has been certified by the (OJD), and by the ABCe, KIA, audiweb, and TUV in other countries. AT Internet is also regularly cited by international organisations and independent research firms (Forrester Research Inc., Gartner etc.) for the quality of its solutions and services.

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Confidentiality and respect of private life

AT Internet’s data security policy conforms to the strictest of European directives dealing with the exploitation of personal data. As far as accessing information is concerned, we guarantee total control of the data collected from our customers.

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