User interfaces and environments

Whether you have the web interface, mobile application, Excel Add-in, API or an independent application, you can consult all of your data from our intuitive, secure environments which have been specially developed with the user in mind.

Digital WorkSpace – The decision-making platform

The Digital WorkSpace, available in SaaS mode, is the interface which allows users to consult all of their Web Analytics, Mobile Analytics and online reputation data in real time.

Benefit from shared productivity tools such as the event log, report builder, custom and multi-product dashboards, filters, alerts, monthly goals and objectives etc.

Mobile WorkSpace – The mobile application brought to you by AT Internet

AT Internet has developed a mobile application, bringing together 3 solutions into one unique interface.

With the Mobile Workspace, your KPIs are available in real time, allowing you to make more effective and efficient decisions, whilst at the same time offering users an interface which is perfectly adapted to the Smartphone.

Read more about the Mobile WorkSpace.

Excel Add-in – Your AT Internet reports available in Excel format

Insert, cross and organise your Web Analyitcs data directly in Excel. With the Excel Add-in you can import Analyzer data directly into a spreadsheet. The reliability of the Analyzer data coupled with Excel’s calculation capabilities make it possible to exploit data and customise report content.

Read more about the Excel Add-in.

Windows application – Discover, test and compare you online business data

The Windows application displays Analyzer data on a simplified interface, without having to log-on to the Digital WorkSpace. With this unique workspace clients can access the information that is important to them. It is also possible to consult specific pieces of data, test them and compare them with one another. The application’s intuitive and completely independent environment are a real asset to our company’s analytics activity.

API and Web services

AT Internet has a secure API, based on Web services technology which makes it possible to retrieve all of the data that is available on the Digital WorkSpace interface. There are many different data retrieval methods available as standard to automate different configuration tasks, declare marketing campaigns etc.