Conversion and Process

A white paper by Jean-Marie Camiade

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The developments in website ergonomics and interactivity have led to a shift in internet user behavior toward greater freedom in browsing.

The single, predetermined path has become less the rule, or, rather, more confined to a process’ initial phase (for example, access via a landing page and entering a Conversion Funnel) or its final phase (Conversion Pages and those which precede it). As a result, the limits of Conversion Funnels are very often and very rapidly reached.

To alleviate this problem, AT Internet has created its webanalytics solution, Analyzer (now Analyzer III), a complete analysis of the paths and behaviors throughout the entire “Persuasion Process” (as coined by Bryan Eisenberg), from the Landing Page to the Conversion Page itself.

First, however, the concepts of Conversion, Conversion Funnel, and Process must be defined.