Monitoring and Web Analytics: Keeping a Close Eye on Performance

A white paper by Jean-Marie Camiade

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Website monitoring services are, from the outset, a technology reserved mainly for a technical audience. They make it possible to keep track of server performance and detect the anomalies which can compromise browsing or transactions.

Nevertheless, we see that those in the web and marketing industry sectors are adopting these services. These people recognized early on the impact of server performance on accessibility, ease of browsing, proper web application execution, transactions, and, therefore, on conversion rates and ROI.

Putting it plainly, server performance has a direct infl uence on marketing results by streamlining or, conversely, slowing down processes, even going so far as to distort the results of a marketing campaign, however perfectly planned and executed it might be…

What could be more stressful than analyzing the disappointing results of a campaign only to realize in the end that the primary cause of this failure was purely a technical malfunction?

All this means that Web and Marketing Managers may find it very beneficial to get a handle on this type of information (using a monitoring and alert system, for example), just as they monitor campaign management, browsing, the persuasion path, and the conversion process.