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Web performance monitoring

Are all Internet users able to access your site wherever they may be? With AT Internet’s performance monitoring tool Observer obtain a complete overview of your site’s performance in order to optimise user experience.

Evaluate and examine the accessibility and availability of your web pages in real-time. Obtain a diagnostic in the blink of an eye and correct any possible malfunctions.



Real time performance monitoring

  • Performance and availability indicators
  • General or detailed analysis
  •  100% agentless: no installation, or tagging required
  • Custom reports
  • Data exports in Excel, XML or CSV formats
  • E-mail alerts, configurable SMS alerts

Key benefits

  • Optimise user experience on all platforms
  • Evaluate and examine the performance and availability of your technical infrastructure in real-time
  • React as quickly as possible to server failure thanks to real-time email alerts and SMS
  • Refine analyses by crossing performance data with web analytics reports
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