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With a large number of sites measured by AT Internet solutions, the AT Internet Surveys service benefits from an exclusive source of behavioural data. In this section reference studies on the web market are published, regularly taken up by French and international media. The different types of studies published include: the Browser and OS barometers, the impact of social networks, mobile web etc.


Browser Barometer

  • Firefox is the second most used browser in France behind Google Chrome

    June 2014 - Browser barometer

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    [FR] and [DE]

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Operating Systems Barometer

  • Together, Apple and Google OS account for almost 1/3 of website traffic

    May 2014 - Operating Systems Barometer

    Study available in:

    [FR] and [DE] 

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Search Engine Barometer

Web trends

  • Mobile site traffic increases by 68% in June 2014

    2nd quarter of 2014 - Web trends

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