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Use data efficiently for smarter decisions

In today’s increasingly connected world, there’s no shortage of available data from your prospects and customers. But to steer your business and marketing initiatives in the right direction, you need the right data – and you need to use it efficiently. We’ve designed our digital analytics tools and analytics consulting services with this in mind, to help you easily and effectively manage your digital performance.



To avoid drowning in the data deluge, you need to focus on the information most relevant to your business, your industry, and your job role (whether you’re a marketer, an analyst, or part of executive management). Our web analytics consultants help you zoom in on the most pertinent data, quickly and efficiently identify insights, and start extracting immediate value from your data.



Just as good data can inform your decisions, bad data can thwart your judgment! You need reliable data of the highest quality in order to make accurate, spot-on decisions. Unfortunately, faulty tagging and spotty data collection are common, and they can result in incomplete or erroneous analyses and bad decisions. Our web analytics consulting services help you ensure error-free tagging and data collection for analytics data you can fully trust.



To create a consistent user experience across devices and channels, you first need a holistic view of your cross-device performance. And to get that view, you need to see all your most important data side by side, at the same time. Our web analytics consultants help you understand how your data fits together, no matter the source (web analytics, mobile data, app analytics, CRM data, online and offline data), and across all your sites and apps, so you can identify trends and actions to take.



Today’s marketing tactics are increasingly sophisticated, and necessarily so – more and more, users expect marketing communications to be relevant, personalised, and customer-centric. They key to effective one-to-one marketing is truly knowing your audience: segments, personas, clusters, and their diverse behaviours, affinities, and differentiating criteria. Our analytics consultancy services will help you identify your site audience and understand what’s driving and attracting them – or what’s frustrating and hindering them. Armed with accurate, detailed insights about your audience, you’ll be able to make your marketing actions ultra-effective.



Data Collection: Nobody is more experienced than us in implementing the AT Internet solution and helping you benefit from our latest innovative features. Trust our web analytics experts to ensure reliable data collection across all sources and channels (web and mobile). Our Agile methods mean you can start collecting data immediately, and quickly make the most of advanced features.

KPIs & Dashboarding: Think of our digital analytics consultants as a strategic extension of your team: We partner closely with you to understand your digital goals. We’ll then identify the most adapted and actionable KPIs for you, and translate them into tailored dashboards and reports.

Data Analysis & Exploitation: Want to dive deep into your data, but don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do it in-house? Our analytics consultants live and breathe data, and they’re here to help you analyse results, generate insights, and apply them to your digital strategy. We’ll help you obtain a concrete understanding of the people behind your site traffic for more effective one-to-one marketing initiatives.

Learn more about our full range of web analytics consultancy services. Or, tell us about your challenges, and we’d be happy to design a fully tailored analytics consulting programme for you.

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