Privacy policy

How we protect data collected on our sites

Why we measure

Just as we help companies track and optimise their digital activity, we also take the same analytic approach with our own sites and communications. By measuring activity on our properties, we can better evaluate which types of content and formats are interesting and valuable for our visitors. This helps us improve our editorial content and adapt it to users’ needs.  


How we measure our audience

To measure statistical data about navigational activity, we use our own cookies. (To learn more about cookies, please see “All about cookies”.) As AT Internet’s web properties are hosted in France, all data collection is subject to French (and European) data privacy regulations. Therefore, our cookies comply with European Union data protection laws, whose standards are among the highest in the world. By adhering to stringent European regulations, we treat data in a reliable, transparent and more secure manner than many other digital analytics providers based outside of Europe. Our web properties may also use third-party cookies. When visitors arrive on our properties for the first time, they are shown a banner outlining our use of cookies. By pursuing their navigation on our site(s), they accept our use of these cookies. Should they wish to disable or delete these cookies, they may do so by removing them from their browser (see “How can I manage or delete cookies?” for instructions) or by enabling the “opt-out” cookie.  


What we measure on our public sites

AT Internet’s public sites are any that contain the domain, such as and On these properties, we measure statistical data about visits and user navigation (such as visit time, pages viewed, repeat visits, exit pages, etc.). We only measure the equipment (like browsers and devices) used to connect to our sites, and not the person behind the screen. This combined statistical data is never personally identifiable – and no personally identifiable information will ever be gathered without your prior knowledge and explicit consent. In other words, it is entirely possible for visitors to browse our websites without having to reveal any personally identifiable information about themselves. However, AT Internet may collect personal data when visitors explicitly provide it by submitting information on the “Contact us” page or other AT Internet sign-up and contact forms. This personal data is securely stored in our CRM systems on proprietary servers in France. By accepting to share information with us, visitors enable us to respond to any questions about our company or our services. Unless visitors have unsubscribed from our communications, we may also contact them from time to time to inform them of AT Internet events, webinars and/or product news that we think might be of interest.

If I explicitly provide personal data, for how long is it stored?
Any personal data that visitors provide via a form response is stored only for the period of time it takes to execute the function for which the data was obtained. This data is used for sales and marketing purposes within the framework of our legal obligations.

If I explicitly provide personal data, who can access it? Does AT Internet share this data with other companies?
The personal data collected by AT Internet is neither shared with nor sold to any third party. The number of staff at AT Internet with access to such data is restricted. The staff is highly aware of the extreme confidentiality of this data and is legally bound by contract to respect its confidentiality.

To measure and optimise the performance of our marketing communications, we track the following statistics on our email newsletters and invitations:

  • open rate
  • clicks
  • unsubscribe rate

Users wishing to unsubscribe from AT Internet’s newsletters can do so here, or via the link at the bottom of each newsletter. To exercise your right to access, rectify and remove personal data we may have collected, please contact us at  


Geolocation on our sites

Using IP address to geolocate visits from web and mobile
As do many other websites, we track from which regions (or cities, in some cases) our visitors arrive using IP addresses. For mobile users, we collect the IP address depending on how the user’s mobile device accesses the Internet – either via a WiFi access point, or the nearest 3G/4G cell tower. These IP addresses are processed in such a way to make personal identification impossible, and we only retain this IP address data for a maximum of 6 months.

Using GPS to geolocate visits from mobile
AT Internet has developed a technology based on GPS coordinates shortened to two decimal degrees enabling the geolocation of mobile devices. Theses coordinates are converted into a graphic representation (heatmap). In order for us to track GPS coordinates of our visitors’ mobile devices, they must have confirmed a double opt-in – meaning they must first have agreed to share their location on their mobile device on a whole, and then must have enabled location services for AT Internet’s mobile properties.  


Your access rights

Any Internet user who browses AT Internet’s websites or those of our clients has the right to access, rectify and remove personal data that AT Internet® solutions may have collected. To exercise these rights, we kindly invite you to contact us:

  • via email at;
  • by sending a letter to AT Internet at the following address


For all requests :

AT Internet
Attn: Nicolas Boudillon, Data Protection Officer
85 avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy
33700 Mérignac


Third-parties with whom we work

AT Internet works with various third parties in order to provide the below services or features to our website visitors.  These services, provided by our partners, are meant to make our sites more interactive and enable AT Internet content to be shared on social networks.


We suggest our website visitors consult our partners’ privacy policies. By continuing to browse our sites, our visitors accept the use of these third-party services. Should a visitor contest the collection and processing of his or her data by our partners, he or she may block or disable these services using the opt-out links listed below:

Third party






Privacy policy





Google DoubleClick   Enables AT Internet to measure the effectiveness of its ad campaigns.   By adding the permanent opt-out plug-in to your Internet browser:

Or via your Google Account settings:

Google Dynamic Remarketing   Enables AT Internet to display AT Internet ads on third-party sites viewed by visitors who have already visited the AT Internet website.  
Facebook Connect   Makes unique authentication available to visitors of AT Internet sites.   Facebook ad settings
Facebook Custom Audience   Enables better audience segmentation for more customised editorial content and more tailored ads.  
Twitter Button   Enables visitors of AT Internet sites to share AT Internet content on Twitter.   Twitter privacy settings
AB Tasty   Enables AT Internet to carry out marketing and statistical tests (A/B tests) aimed at improving the visitor experience and site usability.
Optimizely   Enables AT Internet to carry out marketing and statistical tests (A/B tests) aimed at improving the visitor experience and site usability.

Truste preference manager

Webmecanik   Enables AT Internet to automate marketing actions such as the sending of emails, the publishing of content, social network management, lead identification and management, etc. (marketing automation)  

Via the “Manage cookies” widget at the bottom-right of our site. Open the widget and deny access to the “Automation” service.


Contact us

For all questions related to our privacy policy and how we collect, use and protect data, please feel free to contact us at