AT Internet invests in recruitment to support its innovation-focused R&D strategy

Press release - Bordeaux, October 30th 2014

AT Internet invests in recruitment to support its innovation-focused R&D strategy

AT Internet, major player in the field of Digital Analytics, looks back on its 2014 milestones in terms of return on investment.

Following the fundraising of 6.25 million euros completed last year (June 2013), the French software publisher has invested massively in its human resources, its international development, and its technical infrastructure. In 2014, driven by continued strong growth, AT Internet saw clear benefits of these financial investments.  


Recruitment momentum: reaching the milestone of 200 employees

Recruitment has strongly accelerated in recent months at AT Internet. In 2014, more than 55 work contracts were signed, with nearly 15 additional contracts still expected before the year’s end. Prospects are equally ambitious for next year. In 2014, AT Internet also structured its teams by widely adopting agile methods (Scrum methodology) to concentrate efforts on continued improvement of its solution. The company’s HR is now focusing its approach on R&D development engineers, Digital Analytics consultants for all offices (France and abroad) and sales managers to reinforce international teams (Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Singapore).


Innovation and big data at the heart of the R&D strategy

In June, AT Internet unveiled 2014’s innovations to its web analytics solution, as well as its new TV-to-Web measurement offer. This release’s major features, like the new dashboard application and the next-generation API, saw immediate success. Looking forward to spring 2015, within the framework of the French national “speed data” project, AT Internet and the LaBRI (Bordeaux’s Information Technology Research Laboratory) are planning the launch of a new SaaS decision-making platform permitting the treatment of massive data from online and offline  sources (application measurement, weather data, offline sales, economic or financial statistics, etc.). AT Internet keenly awaits project completion to considerably grow the power of its platform’s analytic and data visualisation using the very best big data technologies.  


Technical infrastructure: international territory ahead

With performance as its number one priority, AT Internet has oriented its technical investments toward data storage, systems security, as well as interface response time and tag load time. The availability of service providers on a worldwide scale and the opening of an additional data centre will reinforce the company’s technical infrastructure and help maintain high-quality service. On the short term, AT Internet’s goal is to widen its geographical presence in order to launch efforts in new markets.  


An internationally recognised “leader”

In 2014, the French Web Analytics leader, who already had a strong hold in Europe for several years, made its entrance into the Digital Analytics industry’s circle of 4 software publisher “leaders” worldwide. In its study “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q2 2014″, the independent research firm Forrester Research evaluated AT Internet on more than 60 criteria ranging from company strategy to product offering.

Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet’s CEO, says: “2014 has been a pivotal year. First, in terms of visibility gained thanks to the Forrester study, but also in terms of product innovation and the roll-out of our infrastructure abroad. On top of that, our recruitment activity has accelerated and we plan to maintain the same rhythm in 2015 to attract new talent.”  


Key figures for 2014

  • 50,000+ users of AT Internet’s solution.
  • 8 offices (France and worldwide).
  • 147+ billion server calls audited in August 2014.
  • 1 million euros of machine investments (capex) for 2014 and 2015.
  • Only 1 European software publisher (AT Internet) listed in the recent study “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q2 2014”.
  • 215 employees in 2014, and more than 60 recruitments anticipated in 2015.
  • 200 physical servers and 100 virtual servers.
  • Storage volume of 1 petabyte.

  AT Internet Press Contact: Bernard Segarra – – +33(0)



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