AT Internet launches its TV Tracking offer to measure ‘drive-to-web’ performance

Press release - Bordeaux, May 07th, 2014

AT Internet launches its TV Tracking offer to measure ‘drive-to-web’ performance

AT Internet, major player in the field of Digital Analytics, announces the launch of a TV tracking offer designed to help advertisers measure the real-time impact of their TV advertising campaigns on their web platforms.

Recent behavioural studies show that 75% of people interact with a “second screen” device while watching TV, and that traffic to a brand’s website peaks in the 2 minutes following the broadcast of the brand’s TV spot. Driven by these insights, the French analytics group has built its TV Tracking solution around 3 objectives:

  • Precise measurement of return on advertising spend (ROAS),
  • Advanced knowledge of audiences for better socio-demographic targeting,
  • Synchronization and optimisation of cross-media campaigns


Jean-Baptiste Roux, VP of Sales at AT Internet, says: “The ability to measure drive-to-web will prove significantly useful for advertisers on the eve of massive sporting events like the World Cup in Brazil, and far beyond as well. This drive-to-web data is invaluable for brands looking to track and justify their ad campaign investments on both TV and the web.”  


Measuring ‘drive-to-web’ was nearly impossible, until now

Year upon year, brands are growing their TV advertising budgets despite the complexity of measuring the return on these TV investments and their impact on web activity. Previously, the lack of reliable data made it difficult to directly quantify a TV spot’s influence on web traffic or conversions. But now, TV Tracking by AT Internet allows advertisers to calculate their true ROI and therefore justify and optimise their marketing investments.

AT Internet’s analytics platform provides precise data on audience volume, scale, and conversion rates in real time as the TV spot airs. It also tracks subsequent site activity from visitors, even after the TV spot has aired. Beyond quantitative measurement of drive-to-web, TV Tracking enables advertisers to analyse their target audiences at greater depth. The ability to cross-segment rich web data with socio-demographic criteria (like income, occupational prestige, age, interests, and more) will result in more precise audience profiling and targeting.  


Media planning 3.0

In addition to measuring TV ads’ true impact on the web, TV Tracking also gives brands rich insights for optimised media planning. Advertisers can identify the most effective combinations of ad creative, TV channel, and time slot, and can also reconcile TV targeting objectives (like Gross Rating Point) with the actual online audience reached. TV Tracking gives media planning specialists a 360° view, permitting them to fine-tune their media buys for more efficient and effective campaign.  


Connecting the worlds of TV and web

TV Tracking by AT Internet innovatively marries rich data from the worlds of TV and web in a single intuitive tool. Its easy-to-use dashboards allow users to customise KPIs based on industry (e-commerce, B2B, financial services, and more). The intelligent technology behind this solution was developed in partnership with experts in the TV tracking field.

Using advanced audio fingerprinting, TV Tracking recognizes audio and video flux and can match an advertiser’s TV spot to its website activity via simple JavaScript tags. Another important benefit of TV Tracking is its simple and rapid integration for advertisers, regardless of whether they already use AT Internet’s analytics platform.

Jean-Baptiste Roux concludes: “Our offer creates real added value, as it enriches marketing analytics with reliable and measurable information essential to media planning. Another strong advantage of our TV Tracking tool is its low cost, which represents a minimal investment from advertisers in comparison to their overall TV campaign budgets and the tremendous value of the extracted data.


For more information on TV Tracking: Infographic  

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