AT Internet unveils its latest mobile analytics innovations

Press Release - Bordeaux, 1 December, 2016

AT Internet unveils its latest mobile analytics innovations

AT Internet – a global player in digital analytics – has announced the launch of several major innovations in advanced analytics for websites and mobile applications. These innovations will join the flagship Analytics Suite solution, which features a broad range of tools for exploiting data (data mining, reporting, dashboards) and gathering insights. The product’s highly mobile-measurement-oriented approach will bolster AT Internet’s position as one of the industry’s chief players in multi-device analytics.


A complete range of innovations: from tagging to user insights

One of the biggest challenges that marketers are currently facing is analysing their company’s digital ecosystem as a whole. In a fragmented marketing environment, the key is to gather data from multiple devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, and computers) in order to obtain a broader view of the customer experience. In order to help marketers address this issue, AT Internet is enriching its solutions with an array of innovations ranging from implementation of tagging SDKs to in-depth analysis of mobile usage.


  • Smart SDK: Tag an application in real time… just by using the app itself

The idea is simple: Tag an application while browsing through your app’s interface, just as a user would (and only a single line of code is required!) Until now, tagging applications has been a very complex and costly process, and required significant technical know-how. With Smart SDK, AT Internet brings simplified data collection to a whole new level. Analysts can work much more independently (as they won’t be so heavily reliant on the IT department) and drastically reduce deployment times. 


  • In-app analytics: Extract insights to guide multi-device strategies

New mobile analyses allow you to understand how different devices are being used, and to identify the mobile source as an acquisition or engagement vector – particularly in e-commerce and media sites. The scope of measurement has been extended into interactions on apps (by sessions, duration by profile type, frequency, recurring usage) and also into a technical context (crashes, platforms, application versions).


  • App store analytics: Enhance visibility and appeal in stores

Analyses of data from app stores (iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store) generate true strategic and marketing advantages. This exclusive benchmark data provides extremely useful insights. It helps explain the life cycle of applications and helps streamline store searches, lists, and categories.


“We want to break into this market because our value proposition is second to none. We offer a holistic, consistent view of the digital ecosystem, rather than just a partial and fragmented approach based around a lone mobile analysis module,” said Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet’s CEO.


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The Mobile & Multi-device R&D project has been co-financed in part by the European Union with funds from the ERDF, and in part by the Region of Aquitaine.

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