The European market widely embraces AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2 after its successful launch

Press release - Bordeaux, 22 March 2018

The European market widely embraces AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2 after its successful launch

Bordeaux, 22 March 2018 – AT Internet, a global player in the field of digital analytics, announced new major contracts in e-commerce, media and classified ads. These new arrivals consolidate AT Internet’s position as a leader in the industry, just a few months after the launch of the Analytics Suite 2 – the latest version of its digital analytics solution.


Dozens of new contracts


The launch of the Analytics Suite 2 has already seen strong results in only a few months. The French software company, named ‘Leader’ in a recent Forrester study, gained market share in France. AT Internet has broadened its portfolio, signing brands like Skyrock, Studyrama, and, as well as Europages and Indés Radio. The Bordeaux-based company also continues to rise on the international scene. It has won over Olympia Verlag in Germany (a media group and publisher of – the German leader in online sports news); Biallo (E-commerce) and RTÉ (#1 public TV network in Ireland) in the United Kingdom; as well as CarFind (South African classified ad site) and several organisations and institutions throughout the European Union, such as the European Parliament. In December 2017, the digital analytics provider saw an increase of nearly 20% in the overall volume of server calls it measured compared to the previous month.


Innovation focused on business reality


These positive results stem from a product strategy that focuses on basic business needs: simple, streamlined interfaces and the ability to activate data, both for beginners and advanced users. AT Internet’s innovations for conquering data quality challenges have also resonated with clients. The company’s Tag Crawler technology – which helps speed up quality control (automatically identifying items that aren’t tagged, even on the largest websites) – is one of the hugely successful features of AT Internet’s new tool. This technology was created in collaboration with OnCrawl, another Bordeaux-based business and AT Internet partner, as part of a broader strategy to integrate additional optimisation tools from the digital ecosystem. AT Internet’s goal is to adapt products to users (and not the other way around), by consistently meeting the daily needs and demands of analysts. 


Promising investments in Machine Learning and AI


The other major advantage of this highly successful product is the integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. AT Internet’s R&D teams are working on the automatic identification of anomalies, bot detection, and automatic RFM-based clustering (segmented analysis) as part of these efforts. Over the past several years, AT Internet has partnered with academic research institutions (Labri and CATIE) to develop predictive tools and implement state-of-the-art decision-making technologies.


A solution that’s fully GDPR compliant


AT Internet also stands out among its competitors by fully complying with the legal obligations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which come into effect in May. The Analytics Suite 2 solution meets all of the regulation’s requirements. AT Internet analytics data is stored exclusively in Europe, a true guarantee of data protection and privacy. Businesses must absolutely take this consideration into account, and this parameter is now tipping the scale for software publishers like AT Internet.



Commenting on these results, Mathieu Llorens, CEO of AT Internet, said: “The end of 2017 was successful because our new product is aligned with the market, which views data reliability and quality UX as decisive factors. The coming weeks and months are just as promising as we sign agreements with major international players in the finance, e-commerce and public sectors.”