AT Internet recruits 20 new employees to support its Analytics Suite 2 launch and shore up its leader position

Press release - Bordeaux, 30 November 2017

AT Internet recruits 20 new employees to support its Analytics Suite 2 launch and shore up its leader position

Bordeaux, 30 November 2017 – AT Internet, major player in the field of digital analytics, has released the Analytics Suite 2, the newest version of its digital analytics solution for measuring cross-device performance. More intuitive, the Analytics Suite 2 offers highly reliable measurement and quality control features, predictive analytics capabilities, and tools enabling the rapid circulation of key data company-wide. On the heels of this launch, and to help support development of this new platform, the French company plans to recruit 20 new employees in 2018.


Data quality and democratisation

This new version of the solution features a modern, redesigned interface called Explorer, which offers a more intuitive user experience thanks to fully integrated modules for data analysis and exploitation.

For companies aiming to foster access to data, data quality is a critical need. With its new solution version, AT Internet responds to these needs with data that is fully reliable, secure and consistent, and which respects user privacy. Thanks to the Analytics Suite 2’s new tools, web analysts and marketers can easily test, troubleshoot and correct their implementations in an overall or targeted manner. They can detect coding errors with great precision (using Tag Inspector), quickly locate untagged elements even on sites with thousands of pages (using Tag Crawler) or update their tagging on the fly (using Data Manager).

The second pillar of AT Internet’s strategy is the democratisation of digital analytics. Data is a goldmine, and each employee must have access to relevant data in a quick, simple and secure way. AT Internet has therefore focused on the user experience (notably via streamlined interfaces and simplified data activation) and data exchange capabilities: exports in all formats (email, PDF, API) and a system of connectors with complementary solutions (including testing, DMP, ad serving, emailing, BI, dataviz…).


Digital analytics in the era of predictive analytics

Another major feature of this digital analytics solution is the integration of machine learning technology. Previously only descriptive, digital analytics with the Analytics Suite 2 is now predictive and will soon be prescriptive. AT Internet’s system of intelligent recommendations and automatic RFM clustering (for segmented analysis) has been developed based on more than 20 years of experience and R&D (notably in partnership with institutions commissioned for AI and predictive research, such as Labri, the Bordeaux Lab for IT Research, and CATIE, the Aquitaine Centre of Information and Electronic Technologies,) making even the most advanced decision-making technologies fully operational. AT Internet guarantees the strong performance of its solution in its service contracts, and also offers custom consulting services via its network of partners.


Recruiting efforts to support solution development

To support this launch and further propel its sales dynamic, AT Internet is recruiting 20 employees for its offices in Bordeaux, Paris, London and Munich. The Bordeaux-based company hopes to attract new talent to its sales and technical teams in particular.


AT Internet strengthens its worldwide leader status

In early November 2017, AT Internet was ranked among the market’s global digital analytics leaders in the report “The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2017” published by independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. AT Internet received the highest possible score in 5 of the 16 criteria evaluated, and received top ranking in terms of strategy and product vision. Forrester also highlighted AT Internet’s guarantees related to data protection and privacy, as well as the quality of its customer relationships.