Maxymiser partners with AT Internet to continue strategic growth throughout Europe

Press release - BORDEAUX, April 29th 2014

Maxymiser partners with AT Internet to continue strategic growth throughout Europe

Maxymiser, the global leader in unified customer experience optimisation, has partnered with AT Internet, one of the world’s major players in digital analytics, to enhance its offering and continue its strategic growth in Europe.

The partnership will allow AT Internet to offer its clients optimisation services through Maxymiser on top of the digital analytics services it currently provides.

Headquartered in France, AT Internet is the leading organisation for digital analytics with customers across 32 countries. Having established itself firmly in Europe, AT Internet has also begun expanding into Asia-pacific, Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America. It was this aggressive growth and the organisations’ joint clients that urged Maxymiser to partner with AT Internet.

Joint clients of Maxymiser and AT Internet will not only be able to make the most of both organisations’ expertise and services, but will also be able to monitor and manage these services through a single integrated dashboard. This technical integration means that all joint clients can monitor and analyse the data that comes from the optimisation campaigns in one, easy to use platform.

AT Internet is the latest organisation to join Maxymiser’s partner program, Maxymiser Connect. The programme brings together innovative technology and strategic service companies to create the most advanced set of solutions and services available to enhance and optimise the online experience. The diverse partner community gives joint customers a competitive advantage in the market, offering easy integration to create a custom solution that can fully optimise the customer experience.

Marie Fenner, Managing Director UK & Ireland, AT Internet, comments, “We are very much looking forward to partnering with Maxymiser to strengthen the digital ecosystem that we have created for our clients. We have been particularly impressed with Maxymiser’s professional approach to project management and the ethos of empowering clients. They can help our customers optimise in a real time environment and inform key business decisions. Our technical integration will augment this optimisation capabilities and this is where our clients will see the real value.

Nick Keating, VP EMEA, Maxymiser, comments: “We are very pleased to welcome AT Internet on board as another international strategic partner. Organisations operating in today’s cross channel environment need easy to use solutions that will drive improvements in overall business performance. Our technical integration and joint dashboard provides this real time insight across desktop, mobile and apps, whilst our joint consultative capabilities will further augment the interpretation of this data to inform our clients’ business strategy. Ultimately this helps our clients to meet their online business objectives and improve business performance– which is our single overarching objective.”  


AT Internet Press Contact:

Bernard Segarra – – +33(0)



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