SimilarWeb and AT Internet Partner to Empower Customers with Unparalleled Digital Insights

Press Release - Bordeaux & New York, 22 June, 2017

SimilarWeb and AT Internet Partner to Empower Customers with Unparalleled Digital Insights

– Partnership offers customers an intelligence dashboard combining company-specific and market data
– Offering to boost customers’ digital strategy by putting rich website analytics data in context with a 360-degree view of the market and competition 
SimilarWeb, the leading digital market intelligence company, and AT Internet, a global player in digital analytics, today announced their strategic partnership allowing customers to combine data from their own website with market-based information. Together, the two solutions provide a deep view of user behavior placed in the wider context of real-time market insights. The end result is a first-of-its-kind dashboard for strategic intelligence, enabling clients to understand their digital audience and quickly pivot strategies, based on not only their own site traffic, but on insights from the competitive landscape as well.
Starting today, AT Internet and SimilarWeb’s customers can use the dashboard to inform their strategy based on a 360-degree understanding of their site visitors and the market. “Our alliance with AT Internet introduces a new layer of intelligence that offers invaluable perspective and context from global site or app activity so that clients can make the best possible decision with robust data insights,” said Carlton Osborne, VP Global Alliances at SimilarWeb.
Jonathan Strauss-Kahn, Partnership Manager at AT Internet, added: “The integration of our rich, accurate analytics data with SimilarWeb’s extensive competitive intelligence gives our customers a complete and authentic view of their website and mobile performance – the keystone of an optimized digital strategy.”

How companies can benefit

Through the combination of website and mobile analytics data from AT Internet, and external market data provided by SimilarWeb, digital campaigns and trends can be evaluated for their overall business impact and understood within the context of the competitive market. Businesses can use the multi-layered data in several ways to generate value, including but not limited to:
  • Pairing a deep “site-centric” view with a wider “market-centric” view of performance in an all-in-one dashboard
  • Comparing site performance to competitors’ sites, and adjusting and optimizing marketing investments accordingly
  • Evaluating their presence on social networks with their competitors, and analyzing the social traffic generated from it
  • Measuring the effectiveness and contributions of different acquisition channels
  • Understanding which other sites and pages their website is being abandoned for (i.e., customers leave your Product X page to go to your direct competitor’s Product Y page), and adapting product offerings accordingly.

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