The “Speed Data” project: LaBRI and AT Internet see their R&D efforts rewarded

Press release - Bordeaux, October 24, 2015

The “Speed Data” project: LaBRI and AT Internet see their R&D efforts rewarded

Within the framework of France’s national “Speed Data” project, AT Internet, major player in the field of digital analytics, announces the publication of a scientific article recognised at the iV2015 international conference.  


An award-winning scientific article

At the 19th international conference for “Information Visualisation” in Barcelona this past July 2015, doctoral student Joris Sansen received the award for best paper for his article “Adjasankey: Visualisation of huge hierarchical weighted and directed graphs”. In the paper, Sansen presents a new visualisation technique based on visual abstraction, allowing for the rapid processing and analysis of massive volumes of data. In addition to providing information for this award-winning article, in the past several months, the “Speed Data” project has also given rise to other scientific publications and conferences related to optimising data processing and data mining.  


Review of “Speed Data” project objectives

Launched in 2013, the “Speed Data” project was selected during the third call for project proposals for “Cloud Computing” – Big Data, as part of the French government’s “Investments for the Future” initiative.

AT Internet and the Bordeaux-based research lab LaBRI (Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique) have the joint objective of developing a new decision-making platform in SaaS mode for processing massive data from online and offline sources (data from applications, weather, offline sales, economic and financial statistics, etc.).

Today, the two partners’ collaboration is entering the programme’s second half, which will see the start of prototyping work. In addition to the recognised article, other technical advances have enabled the partners to confirm their early research hypotheses, and the launch of a prototyped platform is set for early 2017.

Cyril Mazeau, who is responsible for coordinating the project on AT Internet’s side, states: “With this project, AT Internet is committing its R&D teams to a process of innovation involving very concrete applications of big data. The scientific community and AT Internet’s clients will be the first to benefit from the fruits of this partnership between a research lab and a digital analytics pioneer.”


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