Weborama and AT Internet launch AT Connect WCM

Press release - 8th October 2015

Weborama and AT Internet launch AT Connect WCM

The Data Company and the specialist in Digital Intelligence develop a connector to link Web Analytics and Ad Serving data.  


A synergy focusing on French tech

AT CONNECT WCM is the fruit of collaboration between two French businesses. Weborama, Europe’s leading data company, supports the digital evolution and data of the largest publishing and marketing brands. Since 2006, Weborama has been developing and selling a tool for the delivering and tracking of campaigns.

Today, several hundred clients use WCM (Weborama Campaign Manager), now one of the market’s reference Ad Servers. AT Internet, recognised as one of the world leaders in digital analytics by the independent research company Forrester Inc., offers the Analytics Suite, a modular SaaS package for in-depth analysis of website, mobile site and application performance. With more than 3,800 clients worldwide, the company counts leading international brands among its customers and was one of the first companies to receive the French Tech Pass in 2014.  


The main benefits of AT CONNECT WCM

AT CONNECT WCM makes it possible to identify actions carried out by web users prior to visiting a website, and then link those actions to digital analytics data.

  • Reliable and accurate ROI analytics. AT CONNECT WCM offers two new indicators to manage campaigns more effectively. By analysing the contribution (post-view, post-impression) of each advertising campaign, AT CONNECT WCM identifies and compares the performance of different acquisition methods (display, SEO, sponsored links, affiliate, emailing, direct…). Each campaign is therefore analysed both reliably and accurately. Put simply, future campaigns are optimised.
  • Productivity gains. AT CONNECT WCM guarantees time savings on campaign management by automating the implementation and tagging of campaigns. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of error by automatically generating Xtors.


Antoine Saglier, Weborama’s Product Marketing Director, explains: “AT CONNECT WCM makes it possible to link media tracking data and site navigation data, a feature that is often lacking. Today, advertising campaigns are enhanced by analysing post-impression visits. The next step of this partnership will involve new connections with AT Internet, in particular with our DMP, Weborama Audience Manager.

Véronique Combaud, Product Manager at AT Internet, adds: “This connector allows our most advanced clients to have a more accurate picture of how their acquisition campaigns contribute to the overall performance of their website.


AT Internet Press Contact:

Bernard Segarra – bernard.segarra@atinternet.com – +33(0)



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