“Data” refers to all the different types of data defined below, taken together:


  • Raw data: Raw data refers to data that is collected, prior to being enriched and calculated by AT Internet. Raw data is made up of the hit*, the IP address, the User Agent and the URL of the page that generated the hit. Raw data is stored on AT Internet file servers, in secure log files for a duration of six months. Raw data is not accessible to customers.
  • Processed data: Processed data refers to the data accessible to AT Internet customers in the Analytics Suite interface, or via exports (of all different formats: Excel, CSV, Word or via API) after data has been calculated and enriched by AT Internet (geolocation, bot exclusion, etc.).
    • Detailed data:
      • Definition: Detailed data refers to data of the finest possible granularity to allow for more complex calculations later on (segmentation, API extraction, etc.).
      • Retention: Retention periods are based on the specific solution sold and/or options that have been enabled (for example: detailed data is kept 13 months from the date of collection in cases of a CNIL exemption)
    • Pre-calculated data:
      • Definition: Pre-calculated data refers to data resulting from pre-calculations meant to enrich the quality and performance of analyses.
      • Retention: Pre-calculated data is kept up to one year after the contract ends.

* The hit is the record containing raw data on the user’s navigational data

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