GOPC is a variable used when tagging links. When your links are tagged using the gopc.url method, the destination URL of the link is replaced with a redirection URL which is hosted on our servers so that the click can be measured. Unlike the go.url method, the gopc.url method also measures attribution.

Any click on marketing campaign links for which you wish to conserve attribution (use of gopc.url instead of go.url) will lead to your site, and add a variable to the URL that may contain several parameters.


For example, if your link is:

It may become:[group_1]-[Var_1]-{ifContent:C}{ifSearch:S}-[{keyword}]&xtdt=3425243[{keyword}]&xtdt=3425243

It’s possible to avoid showing this variable in your final destination URL — you must simply use a redirect page.



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