The Analytics Suite 2 is now available in beta! Discover all our latest features for data exploration, the sharing of insights, and tag verification.

Analytics Suite 2

Digital Analytics, reinvented

You’ve probably noticed that our interfaces have a new look! Explorer, our new tool for data exploration, is now THE entry point to your data. Centred at the heart of the Analytics Suite 2, this tool offers a new type of data analysis experience and lets you activate and democratise your data in a simplified way.


Simple and quick access to data

Designed in close collaboration with our customers, Explorer is super-intuitive: it features a concise and easily accessible menu, a clean design, and terminology that can be understood by everyone. Beyond simplifying your user experience, we’ve also optimised how data is displayed, notably in cases where large volumes of data are processed. Now you can stay systematically informed of your calculations’ status.


Flexible data

Work with your data to your heart’s content – put it in perspective and make it talk. The latest features, just to name a few: unlimited analysis periods, comparison of site/application performance, ultra-precise segmentation on periods up to 1 year (with no sampling!), and gradual exploration of data thanks to drill-down tools.


Activate and share data in one click

Save precious time when enriching your analyses. From Explorer, send your data sets directly to Data Query to refine them by adding new dimensions and metrics. In just one click, integrate any table or graph from Explorer directly into one of your dashboards. These features are very useful in democratising analytics data and sharing insights with all colleagues.

Tag Inspector

Test your Tags in 2 clicks

Tag Inspector is a new tool enabling you to test AT Internet tags by specifically inspecting the values in your code. It’s super simple! Open your website, then use Tag Inspector to identify and manage any categorisation or page naming issues, all in real time. Tag Inspector warns you of any detected poor tagging practices.  

+ Install Tag Inspector for Google Chrome

Tag Crawler

Verify every single Tag

Tag Crawler lets you launch a bot to scan the entirety of your pages and verify that AT Internet tagging is correctly deployed. Once your site has been comprehensively scanned, you can generate a simple and easy-to-read report which highlights any issues encountered, so you can then take any necessary corrective actions.

+ Interested? Contact our Support Centre


Innovating in collaborative mode

The AT Internet Marketplace is your one-stop shop for plugins and features developed by a community of contributors (developers, consultants, customers). We created the Marketplace with several goals in mind: facilitate tagging, offer new integrations with 3rd-party tools, and bring greater innovation to data analysis.

+ Discover the Marketplace and contribute 


Stay connected to your performance

Our alerting system Watcher lets you monitor your metrics and create alerts so you can stay up-to-date on your site activity. Once you’ve configured your alerts, you’ll receive notifications via email, Slack or IFTTT.

+ Discover Watcher in our Marketplace


Track performance over a year

Gain new perspective when tracking your KPIs over periods of up to 1 year. This new feature is not only available for standard analyses, it can also be used for custom and segmented analyses.


Year-over-year comparison

If your business is seasonal, a new year-over-year comparison period now lets you compare your current performance to performance during the same period of the previous year.

User Insights

Visitor-centric analyses

Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Your customers take very different paths to arrive at your sites or mobile apps, and to purchase your products. User Insights offers a series of cross-device, cross-platform and cross-source analyses enabling you to better understand these pathways, giving you the keys to optimise the customer experience.

User Insights is currently available as a free beta test, open to all our customers. This is a great opportunity to discover our upcoming products and to easily share your feedback with our teams.

+ Join the User Insights beta


Learn more Reduce

Data Query

Query on 1 year of data!

You asked, we listened. We’ve extended Data Query timeframes to one year!

Have a look at our recommendations on using the API to optimise your calls and for a better user experience.

Another new feature you’ve asked for: using Unique Visitors on the fly, thanks to the Advanced Data Query and Data Flow options.

+ Interested? Contact our Support Centre

Knowledge Base

New metric glossary

We’ve published a major update to clarify metric and dimension terms. This glossary provides the context of the metric (whether it’s visit-based or event-based) and the calculation for calculated metrics.

+ View the full list of definitions in the Knowledge Base

Explorer Mobile App

View your data, wherever you are

With the Explorer mobile app, view your analyses directly from your smartphone. Available for iOS, the Explorer app is designed to give you a streamlined and comprehensive user experience: access your analysis menu, calendar and scope of sites, change your metrics and graphs, use comparisons, bookmark your most-used sites, and more.

+ Download the Explorer mobile app in the App Store

Discover all these new features for yourself by logging in to your account now and taking the guided tour of the Analytics Suite 2.

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