Sales Insights

New e-commerce module: optimise your conversions!

A comprehensive new e-commerce analysis module has joined the AS2 to help you drive your online shop’s performance:

  • Optimise your purchase funnel
  • Perform advanced analysis of your product catalogue
  • Get a 360-degree view of your online shop (sites and apps)
  • Discover automatic insights and suggestions


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Data Quality

Data Collection Portal: your key info in one place

The Data Collection Portal is a new interface available in the Analytics Suite which centralises all your tools for data collection and quality control. In the blink of an eye, ensure your analytics data is being correctly collected and that tags are functioning.


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The latest updates

  • Combine dimensions
  • Analyse custom page variables
  • Combine your custom site or page variables
  • Clickable drill-downs in tables
  • Comparison data available on your line charts

Want to try? Head to the Analytics Suite 2 (or check the release notes for more information.


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Replay: Navigation module

Discover the Navigation module, now in beta in theAnalytics Suite 2! Which paths do users take? Where do they leave your site? Which path to conversion is most effective?


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