New features

  • Super-powerful combinations of dimensions, with segmented/non-segmented traffic comparison
  • Event log to give your analyses greater context
  • New analyses: sub-chapters and search categories
  • Privacy-related features




New features

  • A new look that’s more modern and streamlined to match the Analytics Suite 2’s style
  • Query builder to create datasets even more easily, in one click
  • Groups of sites are now available for your dashboards


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Machine learning

Anomaly detection and predictions

2 new tools for analysing time series are now transparently integrated into Explorer. Access all anomaly detection and prediction features in the Overall Traffic > Audience analysis, with the “Data Science” option enabled for your choice of graph.


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Analyse product performance

Be one of the first to test our new e-commerce analyses! Thanks to Sales Insights, go further in measuring the performance of your products and identify your most efficient optimisation opportunities (abandoned carts and key steps of the purchase funnel). Want to join the beta? Contact us.


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Decipher your visitors’ behaviour

Understanding the complex pathways your visitors take is now simple. Cross-device and cross-site analyses from User Insights will finally be available to everyone in the Explorer interface at the end of the year.


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Sequential path analysis

Analyse your visitors’ navigational sequences, step by step, and quickly identify any points where they’re dropping off. Analyses available in the Navigation module (in beta for the past few months) will be available to all our users in Explorer by the end of the year.


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A big thank you to our technological partners!

Our partners Kamp’N, Lengow, OnCrawl and Reeport were all present at the DAF 2018 – you might have met them if you attended the event. We’d like to thank them for helping us make the day a success and illustrating how rich and dynamic the AT Internet ecosystem is.


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