Meet the Sunburst!

View each step in your users’ navigation

In addition to the tree graph representing navigational steps, discover the Sunburst chart for a view that’s synoptic (top 5 pages at each step) yet exhaustive (up to 10 steps). This type of visualisation quickly shows you which paths your users take when they arrive on your site.


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Custom Domain Data Collection

Say goodbye to adblockers!

Up to 30% of your sites’ real traffic data can be lost due to adblockers! And the resulting skewed analyses can lead to poor decisions. Minimise traffic loss by enabling data collection on your own domain names to work around adblockers, thanks to Custom Domain Data Collection.


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Segmentation has just been enriched

  • Now available on all dimensions, including custom dimensions
  • Segment on the fly on a specific table item
  • A new gauge shows the share of segmented traffic (vs. total traffic) for greater context


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User Insights

Unlimited extraction of visitor IDs

Want to extract your visitors’ IDs from User Insights reports? Simply download them in CSV format from the User Insights interface. It’s now possible to export an unlimited number of IDs linked to different categories in the overlap analysis. 


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Data Flow

Simplified and more frequent flows

Data Flow flows are now available twice as frequently (at 30-minute intervals) to give you the freshest data available at any given time. Additionally, we can deliver data on your Amazon S3 or (s)FTP servers.


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Status page

Discover the new status page which keeps you informed of potential interface or data unavailability, the impact of maintenance operations, and their expected completion times.

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