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Newsletter - September 2017


New Features

  • Multi-site data: Thanks to the template import feature in Data Query, you can display your multi-site data in your dashboard boxes! Simply click the button to add data, then select the “Import a multi-site template” option.
  • Text formatting: You now have control over how your text appears: font, colour, background colour, alignment, etc. For advanced needs, please use the HTML editor.
  • New options for dashboard editing:
    • Manage the layering of boxes, with foreground and background options
    • Duplicate a box to another tab
    • Leave editing mode to directly open a dashboard

+ Find all these new features in the Knowledge Base

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Data Manager

New version

Data Manager lets you manage your AT Internet tags with full autonomy, on both websites and mobile apps. Give your analytics and marketing teams full control of tagging at all times.

When are Data Manager rules useful?

  • In case of tagging errors when measuring sales turnover: A forbidden character or symbol can skew your order totals and prevent data from being retrieved correctly. Traditional tagging corrections would then require all users to update the application, which could result in a higher risk of data loss. Using Data Manager to create a processing rule, you can correct the problem in 5 minutes for 100% of your users.
  • Enriching your initial tagging: If certain information is missing from your tags, Data Manager can retrieve it. Let’s take the example of a media site that wants to analyse an article’s lifetime. If the initial tagging did not measure content creation date, but this date is present in the URL, Data Manager can retrieve the information and place it in a site variable. No help from technical teams required.
  • Excluding undesired traffic: Implementing a bot on your intranet can generate traffic you wish to exclude from your analyses. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when the same IP address is being used by other people within your company. Data Manager lets you exclude a specific User Agent and only filter for desired traffic.

Find complete customer use cases in our Knowledge Base, as well as articles on how to use Data Manager:

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Knowledge Base

Video tutorials coming soon

We’ve created the Knowledge Base to help you use our solution efficiently. Directly accessible from your Analytics Suite workspace, the Knowledge Base will soon feature video tutorials to help you (re)discover all features and tools in the Analytics Suite. Keep your eye out for a new “Tutorials” section in the coming weeks!

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Dmexco 2017

Dmexco, Europe’s biggest digital marketing trade fair, was another successful event for us this year! Held in Cologne, Germany on September 13 and 14, dmexco was an opportunity for us to meet many satisfied customers, to whom we presented our newest features and innovative projects. We also received very positive feedback from our partners, and identified some new partners as well. These successful two days alongside our customers and partners helped confirm that our best-of-breed approach is exactly on point!

Special thanks to our stand partners AB Tasty, Numberly, OnCrawl and Roivenue.

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