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Analysis & exploration

At the very heart of your digital analytics activities are analysis and exploration. To help you find the right insights from your data, the Analytics Suite provides effective and streamlined starting points for your analysis. Dive into your data, analyse it from all angles, and work it to your heart’s content with our intuitive analysis tools. Then, share your findings with others in just a few clicks for more informed decision-making.

Rich & limitless exploration


Discover a new type of data analysis experience with Explorer, for iterative data exploration in a clean, simplified interface. Put your data into different perspectives and uncover new insights, thanks to a range of tools including filters, drill-downs and live segmentation. Not sure where to start? Our standard out-of-the box analyses are ready to use, so you can jump right into your data exploration and infinitely refine your results.



In today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce world, you’ve got an ally: Sales Insights. This comprehensive e-commerce module provides key insights and analysis recommendations to help you optimise your conversion rate and grow customer lifetime value. See how customers interact with your product pages and shopping cart, and decipher their behaviour as they advance through your purchase funnel. Measure how they’re using different devices along the purchase journey, transform abandoned carts into new sales opportunities, and build greater customer loyalty to optimise the buying cycle.




In just a few clicks, visualise how people navigate through your website or mobile app. Which pathways do they take? Where do they leave? Which sequences of pages most often lead to conversion? The Navigation feature helps you quickly detect problems: Uncover anomalies or abnormal browsing behaviour, see where you’re losing traffic, and determine if your conversion funnels are really working. Get actionable insights at a glance to optimise the performance of your site and app.


Measure visitors across devices & sites

User Insights

Get a holistic view of your visitors and how they behave across devices, across your platforms and across different sources. Integrated into Explorer, User Insights offers visitor-centric analyses for a more authentic and reliable vision of user behaviour. By understanding how your visitors use different devices or sources to interact with your brand – and the overlap between each – you’ll be able to increase user retention, and develop more targeted features and marketing tactics.




Understand your consumers’ complex purchasing behaviours and take educated marketing decisions thanks to our new “intelligent” segmentation module. RFM classifies your customers into actionable segments based on key profiles identified from their past online purchasing habits. For each segment, see detailed predictions on users’ future value and behaviours according to RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) marketing methodology and proprietary data science models developed using large-scale datasets. Get instant customer insights and improve the purchase cycle.

Fully integrated analyses

Streamlined sharing

Draw more value from your data by sharing insights in real time with the people who need them. Make the most of your Explorer analyses by instantly sending them to others in PDF format, or add them to a dashboard with one click. Or, take your exploration even further by sending Explorer analyses directly to Data Query for more in-depth investigation.


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  • Insights for everyone
    Insights for everyone

    We deliver the right data, in the right format, throughout your organisation: insights for everyone to drive your business forward.

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

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    Data you can trust

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