Data you can trust

Quality control

Quality control is an essential aspect of any analytics activity, but one that has traditionally been time-consuming and manual. At AT Internet, we believe quality control should be simple and painless, so you can minimise the hurdles to high-quality data. That’s why we’ve enriched the Analytics Suite with a Data Collection Portal featuring tools for streamlined and easy quality control, requiring no assistance from technical teams.

Comprehensive tag audits

Tag Crawler

You know the importance of ensuring all your pages are tagged. But you also know how long and tedious it can be to check for tags manually. Tag Crawler does it for you: Simply launch our bot and let it do the heavy lifting. Tag Crawler verifies the presence of analytics tags on all pages of your site and ensures that data is being correctly sent to our servers. Save time while guaranteeing complete data and a full view of performance.

Targeted tag testing

Tag Inspector

Testing your tags after implementation doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Tag Inspector, all it takes is a few clicks to verify that everything has been implemented correctly – no technical knowledge needed. Simply open the page you want to check, and see all your parameter values translated into plain, comprehensible language. If Tag Inspector detects any errors, you can export the information to share directly with your tech teams or AT Internet support teams.


Painless error correction

Data Manager

Made a mistake with your tagging? Don’t sweat it. Data Manager is a unique-in-the-market feature that lets you easily correct errors, enrich collected data, and exclude undesirable traffic on websites and mobile apps, thanks to custom data processing rules. Do it all from Data Manager’s intuitive interface, without any help from tech teams – no need to touch your code!


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Data quality in Digital Analytics

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What sets us apart

Why AT Internet?

  • Data you can trust
    Data you can trust

    Trustworthy data is a mandatory foundation for any analytics project you undertake. That’s why providing “data you can trust” is one of our guiding principles.

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

    With AT Internet, you don’t just get a soulless digital analytics solution. Our analytics consultants will be with you at every step of the way.

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    Insights for everyone

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