Make the most of your data exploration

You need high-value insights to feed your business strategy, but they take time to find and develop – and your time is precious. Let our machine learning do the legwork! We’ve developed a set of tools that help you navigate massive amounts of data efficiently by pushing the right information, at the right time.

AXON Anomaly Detection & Prediction

Our anomaly detection tool highlights significant fluctuations in your data so that you don’t have to devote time to searching for atypical events. Once identified, anomalies can be added to your event log and shared with the rest of your business. In addition, our prediction model, custom built by our in-house data science team, provides accurate forecasts of the metrics important to your business, even on segmented data!

AXON Smart Segmentation Analysis

Understand your consumers’ complex buying habits to take educated marketing decisions thanks to our new “intelligent” segmentation module for transactional websites. AXON Smart Segmentation classifies your customers into actionable segments based on key profiles identified from their past online purchasing behaviour. For each segment, see detailed predictions on users’ future value and behaviours according to a Recency/Frequency methodology and proprietary data science models developed using large-scale datasets. Get instant customer insights and improve the purchase cycle.

AXON Contribution

You’ve uncovered abnormal events in your data at specific moments in time thanks to the Anomaly Detection feature, but why stop there? Use AXON Contribution to identify hidden factors that contributed to these changes in your data. The tool looks through numerous dimensions to identify which segment of data caused an anomaly.

AXON Watcher

Be alerted when website KPIs behave significantly better or worse than expected using our custom-built anomaly detection tool. Easily set up, manage and receive email notifications of when and where anomalies take place on your site.

Data Flow

We’re constantly enriching Analytics Suite 2 analyses with AXON Data Science & Machine Learning techniques to make data exploration more efficient and timelier. In addition, if you wish to develop your own data science tools, you can use the Data Flow API to extract web analytics data primed for machine learning and data science projects. Thanks to a point-and-click user interface and push exports, the Data Flow API is easy to set up and manage: your data is specifically prepared for data science projects and delivered straight into your data lake, with no effort required on your part.

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What sets us apart

Why AT Internet?

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

    With AT Internet, you don’t just get a soulless digital analytics solution. Our analytics consultants will be with you at every step of the way.

  • Insights for everyone
    Insights for everyone

    We deliver the right data, in the right format, throughout your organisation: insights for everyone to drive your business forward.

  • Data you can trust
    Data you can trust

    Trustworthy data is a mandatory foundation for any analytics project you undertake. That’s why providing “data you can trust” is one of our guiding principles.