The data life cycle

From data to insights


Unify your data

Say goodbye to long and complex implementations. We offer several tagging and import methods (SmartTag for websites, mobile sites and apps; API; partnerships) for collecting the diverse data that’s essential to your business. Enrich your digital analytics by interconnecting data from the web, your CRM, online sales, ad servers, emailers, applications, TV and more. Our Analytics Suite is easy to use and implement, making data collection faster than ever.

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Infinite possibilities

Transforming collected raw data into actionable insights requires true expertise. And that’s where we shine. We enrich your data and provide the context necessary for clear interpretation: Data is calculated and processed in real time (in under 5 minutes), automatically structured, comprehensively treated, and made readily accessible to your teams thanks to our Data Manager application, which makes it simple to manage web and mobile tags with agility.

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Performance, guaranteed

Equipped with best-of-breed technologies, our infrastructure offers solid guarantees: comprehensive and highly granular data, maintained availability and performance of the Analytics Suite during periods of high system demand, secure storage technology for maximum protection of your data, storage in Europe on our very own servers, and rigorous respect of European data privacy laws.

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Applications for your business

No matter your industry or your role within the company – decision-maker, digital analytics expert, marketer or business user – our Reports application provides relevant reporting for tracking your analytics KPIs. From ready-to-use report templates to segmentation (Segments application) and advanced data mining features (Data Query application), the Analytics Suite’s intuitive interfaces can be customised based on your profile and needs.

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An ultra-connected suite of tools

Share customised reports and dashboards with your co-workers using our collaborative and easy-to-use Dashboards application. Go beyond simply relaying information, and interweave your analytics data throughout your information systems and digital marketing ecosystem: SEO, CMS, retargeting, DMP, CRM, ad serving, email marketing, and social networks.

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Our goal is double-faceted: help our customers benefit from our technology partners’ expertise, and efficiently advocate our Analytics Suite via a wide network of digital agencies.

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