Discover your users’ navigation paths

How do visitors browse through your website or mobile app? Navigation gives you an instant view of the page sequences users most often take on your site, with detailed performance data at each step of the way. Which user paths lead to visitor exits, and which lead to conversion? Get clear, fast answers with Navigation.


Highlight holistic navigational trends

See the most commonly viewed page sequences at a glance with the sunburst visualisation. Select your desired start page, then learn which page sequences are most often browsed next. A funnel is created on the fly from your chosen sequence with performance metrics at each step of the way to highlight high-performing steps and areas of improvement.

Explore on-site navigation behaviour in detail

Where do users go after the landing page? Where do users drop off in the sales funnel? With the Exploration report you can analyse a detailed map of paths taken on your platform from a given entry page. Search for a specific entry page and browse through various navigation paths or easily return to a previous step in a user sequence – Navigation has been specifically designed to help you efficiently draw insights by iteratively exploring your data.

Save sequences and compare performance

Have changes to your website made your conversion funnel more efficient? By saving your key business user paths on your platforms, you can easily analyse funnel performance over time. Key performance statistics, such as visit volume, drop offs, and success rates at each step of the funnel will enable you to assess the efficiency of your most vital user paths.

Get quick insights with tailored visualisations

Navigation’s visualisations have been custom built for intuitive exploration of your platform navigation data. In the blink of an eye, examine vast amounts of rich behavioural information to identify key areas of opportunity on your websites.

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  • Insights for everyone
    Insights for everyone

    We deliver the right data, in the right format, throughout your organisation: insights for everyone to drive your business forward.

  • You're never alone!
    You're never alone!

    With AT Internet, you don’t just get a soulless digital analytics solution. Our analytics consultants will be with you at every step of the way.

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    Data you can trust

    Trustworthy data is a mandatory foundation for any analytics project you undertake. That’s why providing “data you can trust” is one of our guiding principles.