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Collecting high-quality analytics data starts with solid tagging and implementation. The Analytics Suite makes it simple to tag your properties on both web and mobile, using an implementation perfectly customised to your needs. Start off on the right foot and set the foundation for strong data quality with our user-friendly tagging resources.

Flexible tagging for web and mobile


What better way to measure exactly what you want than to build your own tag?

Uniquely customisable, SmartTag lets you compose your tag by integrating the plugins of your choice. Measure what you want while avoiding the unnecessary weight of code that’s irrelevant to you. Get complete and robust data, all while keeping your tags light and flexible for greater performance.


Tag your apps in minutes

Smart SDK

Tagging mobile apps has been a complex, technical and costly process, which means most mobile apps are never even tagged. But what if you could begin tracking your mobile app performance in just minutes? Smart SDK makes it possible! Discover a new, immediate way to tag your mobile apps. No technical skills needed.


Measure more with plugins

AT Internet marketplace

Enhance your analytics implementations with our very own marketplace. You’ll find a rich selection of free, downloadable plugins for greater possibilities with your measurement and analysis, created by the AT Internet community. Find plugins useful to you, and share your own creations.



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Discover tips, best practices and tools to ensure data quality, an absolute must if you expect to draw any value from your digital analytics data.

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