Developing and optimising an advanced editorial model to boost traffic. 



Caradisiac is France’s leading news site for the automotive industry and has approximately 8.7 million unique visitors per month, and between 50 and 75M page views. Using a powerful web analytics tool is essential to maintaining, controlling and optimising the production of relevant and profitable editorial material. 

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Ludovic Sartory Caradisiac & AT Internet Case study
As well as using standard metrics to measure site traffic, the AT Internet platform provides custom variables and accurate information on clicks at each level of the site.
Ludovic Sartory,
Web Analytics Manager, Caradisiac
The Challenge

To develop the most efficient and effective editorial model possibleCaradisiac needed a solution that covered the full scope of their measurements – specific analysis of the site’s usability, clicks, page visits, and different types of conversions such as signing up for a newsletter, entering traffic, and video plays etc. They also needed to display traffic volume as well as analyse scheduling and budgeting tasks associated with producing content.


AT Internet’s solution allowed Caradisiac to develop a new editorial model to boost traffic using collected data – they can now carry out predictive analyses of which ad campaigns to display. They were also able to significantly improve their CTR – site traffic increased by 10% (page views) and the bounce rate of certain key landing pages decreased by 10%. 

Beyond providing standard metrics for measuring traffic volumes on the site, the AT Internet platform provides custom KPIs and detailed information on clicks at the content category level.

AT Internet answers 95% of our tracking needs – our site traffic pageviews have grown by 10% in the last few months alone.
Ludovic Sartory
Web Analytics Manager, Caradisiac