Case study

Analytics success story: CARADISIAC

France’s leading automotive news site develops an editorial model that boosts traffic, thanks to AT Internet data.

“AT Internet answers 95% of our tracking needs. The tool’s strong point is its immensity of available features. Our site traffic has grown by 10% (pageviews) over the last few months of 2013. ” Ludovic Sartory, Web Analytics Manager, Car&Boat media  


Customer: Caradisiac

Caradisiac is France’s leading news site for the automotive industry and is part of the Car&Boat media company, which also owns brands including La Centrale, Annonces du bateau, Promoneuve and Le Centre d’ Traffic figures for the Caradisiac site include approximately 8.7 million unique visitors per month, and between 50 and 75 million page views.  


The challenge: Optimise website conversion rates

In terms of digital analytics, the company’s different analytics needs come from exhaustive media measurements: specific studies on the site’s usability, clicks, pages visited, and different types of conversions like signing up for a newsletter, entering traffic, video plays, and more. The Caradisiac site implemented the AT Internet solution in 2008. Beyond providing standard metrics for measuring traffic volumes on the site, the AT Internet platform also provides custom key performance indicators and detailed information on clicks at the content category level.  



Thanks to AT Internet web analytics solutions including the Analytics Suite, Caradisiac has achieved its digital analytics objectives and improved its CTR:

  • Site traffic increased by 10% (page views) over the last few months of 2013
  • Bounce rate of certain landing pages, which are important in terms of SEO, decreased by 10%
  • Developed a new editorial model to boost traffic using collected data
  • Predictive analyses of which ad campaigns to display




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