Successfully managing and optimising a network of more than a hundred sites. 






France’s Government Information Service (SIG) has more than 400 websites, including all ministry sites (justice, health, education, etc.)as well as public sites such as the French national tax page `’With such a dense and complex network, SIG faces a range of analytics, access management and performance management challenges. 

Unique visitors
The number of unique visitors across our entire network is key information for us – that is exactly what the ‘portal’ analysis gives us in a single click.
Etienne Godfroy,
stat@gouv web audience manager
The Challenge

SIG’s aim was to optimise how it manages and develops the 400+ sites it operates. As well as comparing the individual performance of each site, several hundred users with different profiles and needs had be able to independently access the sensitive and strategic data. SIG also has very specific annual objectives for acquisition and increasing visitor loyalty with its growth ratio goals based on an increase in the number of French users. 


AT Internet’s solution provided SIG with a 9level tree structure to simplify the measurement and analysis of its 400 sitesThis involved custom and automated access management to manage user profiles, as well as behavioural analyses and interest criteria to define various marketing optimisation actions. This led to far more accurate and immediate measurement of web communication actions with each user having direct access to their site’s statistics 

By using analytics data as a performance indicator, SIG significantly increased their visitor acquisition rates and surpassed the annual growth objectives. 

With AT Internet, we surpassed both our visitor acquisition and annual growth objectives.
Etienne Godfroy,
stat@gouv web audience manager