Tuesday, February 20

5 tools for democratising analytics

Demand for analytics data is booming from all business units and roles across companies, and many of these users are new to analytics. Their challenge? Knowing how to use their web analytics solution to best exploit their data. To help them get there, AT Internet has designed tools that are quick to implement, easy to use, and which respond to all types of needs.

In this webinar, we’ll show you which tools in the Analytics Suite 2 are perfect for data visualisation and democratisation (notably for those new to analytics). Learn how to implement these tools, get tips and best practices for using them, and see how to make the most of them depending on your activity or job role.

Get to know these 5 indispensable tools:

  • In-page analytics: The ideal browser extension for viewing page performance at a glance

  • Watcher: Customisable alerts enabling you to track variations in metrics

  • Explorer app for iOS: Get all your analytics data to go on your smartphone

  • Dashboards: Manage your digital activity thanks to the right business KPIs

  • Reports: Analytics reporting made easy, with a streamlined interface and ad hoc analyses


Your webinar hosts:

Florian Rieupet - AT Internet    Florian Rieupet
Product Manager
AT Internet
   Mélanie Claisse - AT Internet    Mélanie Claisse
Product Manager
AT Internet