Embracing a data culture across teams to enhance content, acquire audiences and optimise conversions.



With a range of publications and websites, Le Monde is the most widely read newspaper in France. The editorial teams of both their online and offline versions are committed to providing the highest possible quality of content to their audiences. 

Search engine traffic on cinema content
Traffic since the pushes bewteen
2018 and 2019
Pierre Buffet - le Monde case study
Site indicators are extremely valuable. They provide us with a maximum amount of precious detail to produce in depth analyses.
Pierre Buffet
Head of digital studies
The Challenge

To preserve the media brand’s tradition of journalistic excellence in the face of their digital transformation, Le Monde had to rise to several challenges. This included maintaining the rapid timing and turnover of news to remain competitive as well as constantly re-inventing their advertising model to stay ahead of the game. They also needed to ensure that their journalistic strategy was driven by a data-based approach and carry out effective multi-device measurement of their audience 


AT Internet’s data insights enabled Le Monde to monitor their daily web performance and optimise the content production chain. They were also able to activate the right conversion levers at the right time and use analytics to guide the push strategy enhancing the value of their real audience. 

Indeed, Le Monde even observed a “perfect” week in November 2018 when no pushes were wrongly deletedthey had 50% more clicks per push than averagethe morning/noon/evening slots were all full and they observed no flops. 

Le Monde has recorded +12% more traffic since the pushes at the beginning of 2019 vs. 2018.
Pierre Buffet
Head of digital studies