Developing a company-wide data culture and creating a complete inter-departmental reporting process. is a local portal for towns and cities across Germany that provides info about jobs, events, restaurants and classified ads for accommodation and shopping etc. They needed to create a data culture across the company to customise reporting and help teams to be more autonomous. 



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Andreas Stanitzok Meinestadt case study AT Internet
AT Internet was a gamechanger in our reporting mission – a massive project with high business challenges and very specific requirements for each team.
Andreas Stanitzok,
Web analytics & business intelligence manager –  
The Challenge needed to democratise its business data analysis for over 200 “internal customers” at all levels. This included product managers producing regional and local content, internal classified ad teams for information on traffic volume, classified ad partners for houses and flats (click remuneration data), and marketing teams for advertising and SEO data for their budgets. The sales and senior management also needed reports to compare sales periods and optimise the decision process.


AT Internet helped carry out a wide range of improvements that has transformed their organisation and work culture. It has enabled each team to be fully independent in terms of performance reporting – recurring tasks are now automated, and the data can be extracted and acted upon in real time by everyone involved.  

The senior management now uses customised reporting such as period comparisons and alert signals on the strategic indicators which hugely facilitates decision making. 

AT Internet enable us to provide teams with the required data set and advise them how to use it.
Andreas Stanitzok
Web analytics & Business Intelligence manager –