Case study

Analytics success story: MEINESTADT.DE

meinestadt’s web analytics and business intelligence department creates a complete company reporting process and develops data culture.   “Automise what you can automise, educate who you can educate and always be there to help!” Andreas Stanitzok, web analytics & Business Intelligence manager –  



The web analytics and business intelligence department is represented by only 2 people. Their mission is to provide business data to over 200 “internal customers” at all levels of hierarchy, or partners such as:

  • Product managers producing regional and local content: they need information on content performance to make their editorial choices,
  • Internal classified ad teams: information on traffic volume,
  • Classified ad partners for houses and flats: the business model is based on click remuneration so this data is required to invoice partners,
  • Marketing teams: advertising and SEO data for their budget adjustments,
  • Sales and senior management: they use reports to compare one period with another and make decisions.


In this context the reporting mission represents a massive project with high business challenges and very specific requirements for each team.  



The examples of improvements made by each team in terms of website and content optimisation would be too numerous to list and are somewhat “expected”. The major advantage of this “project” or veritably “company process” resides in the evolutions it has brought to the company’s organisation and work culture.

  • Senior management’s custom reports include, for example, period comparisons and alert signals on the strategic indicators. This type of tailor-made format is created for each team according to their needs to facilitate decision-making.
  • It has made each team completely independent in terms of performance reporting. The recurring tasks have now become automated and the data can be extracted and acted upon in real time by everyone.
  • The teams have embraced the data culture and have included analytics in their everyday work. Having constant access to reports that they need is a real support to their role.


Each team is now clearly responsible for analysing performance. The web analytics and business intelligence department is here to support, advise and guide them. 



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