Case study

Analytics success story: NEXITY

Nexity develops a 360 degree e-reputation strategy based on social media data provided by BuzzWatcher.

“One of the strengths of BuzzWatcher is that it offers three different levels of analysis: an overview, a focus on the brand, and an evaluation of customer engagement.” Karine Privat de Fortunié, SEO/SMO Manager – Nexity  


The challenge

The company’s e-reputation strategy is based on three clear objectives:

  • Monitor and manage the company’s brand image on the Internet,
  • Assist and support customer relations,
  • Understand and anticipate trends, “hot” topics and their status by adopting an ethical reputation management policy.

The challenge for Nexity is to quickly implement an effective and efficient monitoring process to integrate “e-reputation” within the company.  


The results

The social media monitoring platform BuzzWatcher has allowed Nexity to monitor many variables such as the search for the most influential traffic sources, the volume of media articles, and the brand’s share of voice compared to competitors etc. By analysing all of these metrics on a daily basis and producing regular reports, Nexity has made major progress in improving its e-reputation.


  • Optimising general data processing performance

The service provided by AT Internet, responsible for data processing and content duration, has been a real time-saver for Nexity. Thanks to the work carried out by the dedicated AT Internet consultant beforehand, the Nexity team can fully concentrate on dealing with subjects associated with customer relations, and on working on analyses and reporting. The time saved can be used elsewhere to enhance reports such as improving the content and presentation, or by adding new information provided by BuzzWatcher etc.


  • Installing a culture of “e-reputation” within the entire company

The professionalisation of Nexity’s successful e-reputation measurements, thanks to the BuzzWatcher tool, has also been a unifying element within the company. The data processing procedures which have been implemented have empowered the different teams working on common, cross-departmental projects. As of now social media monitoring is no longer a task carried out in isolation. When it comes to processing client files, e-reputation not only involves community managers, but also includes the Communication and Branding department, industry experts, and services such as press relations, legal, aftersales etc. Nexity has been able to exploit the functionalities of the AT Internet solution to manage its brand image on social networks and has also been able to change internal attitudes on the importance of a high-quality online presence. Its level of maturity on the social web has also developed strongly.



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