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Younited Credit boosts conversions by 10% by integrating a data-driven “test and learn” approach into its testing and optimisation efforts. 



Younited Credit is a peer-to-peer lending platform which gives investors the opportunity to directly finance loans for borrowers via a secure online platform. With a truly “data-driven” approach, the company places data processing and analysis at the heart of its business. 

In conversions in the funnel
In completed forms
Conversions on certain landing pages
With AT Internet’s testing and analytics, we can continuously optimise our conversion funnel.
Caroline Roullet,
Loyalty and Monetisation Manager at Younited Credit
The Challenge

Younited relies 100% on data processing and analysis which is used for credit scoring, in-depth analysis of acquisition and loyalty initiatives – as well as optimising UXAs the entire acquisition and lead conversion process takes place online, the marketing teams were looking to improve and master conversions on their site. They were therefore looking to improve the site’s UX using an intensive and ongoing test-and-learn approach. With this strategy, each idea is tested and approved before deployment – this can range from simple tests (colours, terminology, buttons …) to more complex multivariate tests such as scenario integrations.


AT Internet helped Younited to identify key optimisation levers and prioritise projects which saved considerable time and resources. Digital analytics has helped bring about a shift in the data culture of the company with teams completely overhauling how they approach the conversion process, and future projects. In addition to an impressive increase in funnel (+10%) and landing page (2x) conversionsas well as a 5% increase in completed formscommunication about tests and their effectiveness (both successes and failures) within the teams boosted morale and the awareness of the potential of effective web analytics.

AT Internet has enabled us to affirm decisions about changes that may be heavily significant.
Caroline Roullet
Loyalty and Monetisation Manager at Younited Credit