Case study

Analytics success story: PRICEMINISTER

PriceMinister integrates MV testing and increases turnover by 5% on new clients.

“We combine the MV Testing analyses with the DataExplorer module […] we can therefore be assured that the profit does not cost us our secondary objectives.” 

Justin Ziegler – PriceMinister CIO and co-founder



Founded in 2000, PriceMinister is today France’s second e-Commerce website. The group has more than 13 million members and continues to innovate. With over 40 million references on offer, the product description pages are the most visited on the site and constitute a key component of the purchase process. PriceMinister’s goal was to improve the ergonomics of these pages in order to increase the rate at which customers add products to their shopping baskets, and as a result the final conversion rate. PriceMinister called upon AT Internet for a solution that would meet their needs. AT Internet’s MV Testing feature coupled with its Analytics solution and DataExplorer module were exactly what PriceMinister was looking for.



The benefits of using MV Testing and DataExplorer for PrinceMinister have been:

  • Secure testing with no incidents on KPIs
  • A 2% increase in total sales turnover
  • A rise in the number of conversions, and the products added to customer shopping baskets

Today PriceMinister uses MV Testing and AT Internet’s Web Analytics solution in more than two-thirds of its projects.



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