Advanced multivariate testing to enhance the ergonomics of the product description pages and maximise conversion. 





Rakuten France (ex PriceMinister) is a leading French e-commerce website and has over 20 million members. With around 200 million references on its site, optimising the product description pages is key to boosting turnover. 

On new client revenue
References on the site
In total sales turnover
Case study Rakuten
AT Internet’s advanced M/V testing led to an increase of 5% in new client revenue.
Justin Ziegler
Rakuten France CTO and co-founder
The Challenge

Rakuten’s goal was to make the product description pages as user friendly as possible to increase the rate customers add products to their shopping baskets and boost the conversion rate. This meant improving the ergonomics of the pages, simplifying them and setting complementary objectives – including product alerts, user reviews and different monetisation supports. 


AT Internet implemented advanced A/B/C testing coupled with deep data exploration which provided Rakuten with secure testing with no impact on the KPIs, a 2% increase in total sales turnover and a rise in the number of conversions and products added to customer shopping baskets. 

The company now successfully uses MV Testing combined with AT Internet’s web analytics on more than two-thirds of its projects. 

AT Internet’s advanced M/V testing guarantees the security of online modifications, while using a reduced test group to verify that there is no major drop in KPIs.
Justin Ziegler
Rakuten France CTO and co-founder