Using web analytics to manage the site’s performance more effectively and improve profitability. 



Ryanair is Europe’s original low fares airline and 99% of their bookings are made via the website. Their existing web analytics platform was difficult for teams to understand and use on a daily basis. They were therefore looking for a solution partner who could adapt to their precise requirements, provide on hand support and collaborate over the long term. 

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Dara Brady ryanair analytics Case study
It was really important for Ryanair to find a flexible partner that could adapt to the evolution of digital marketing.
Dara Brady,
Head of Advertising, Ryanair
The Challenge

Ryanair chose AT Internet for the company’s dynamism and their intuitive user interface that could effectively manage all the online activity. AT was also the ideal partner to work closely with the airline to strengthen strategic decision-making over the long term, prioritise conversions in the face of increasing market competition and increase on-site transactions.


AT Internet helped Ryanair to improve their email personalization and overall campaign profitability. Having maximised the traffic generation on the site, they then analysed possible weak points in the conversion tunnel, i.e. if there were any steps that had too many process outputs. Ryanair subsequently reviewed their entire visitor experience focussing on specific strategies to increase traffic to partners as well as the landing and main pages. By improving the design of their homepage, they were able to increase visitor traffic to strategic pages by 16%, as well as traffic to their partner pages. This led to an increase in conversion rates, website revenue, and doubled the ROI from email campaigns. 

By using AT Internet’s Web Analytics to understand email and visitor behaviour, we were able to increase click-through rates by 200% and our bounce rate decreased by 18%.
Dara Brady
Head of Advertising, Ryanair