Case study

Analytics success story: SOLOCAL GROUP

The Solocal group manages its traffic audience via a set of automated dashboards thanks to the AT Internet API. “The easy to use Data Query tool means that our web analysts are completely autonomous in creating the API URLs.” Bruno Guilbot, Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager – Solocal Group.  


The challenges

Measuring audience volumes is an essential challenge for a media group such as the Solocal Group. The AT Internet solution meets the company’s classic everyday web analytics needs: traffic, navigation, traffic acquisition sources, geolocation, technical analyses, Internal search engine, usability etc. The following objectives were set to help the Group measure its audience levels:

  • Monitoring general audience levels by traffic acquisition source, media type, and channel on different variables: traffic volume (visits, page views, etc.) with traffic volume evolution compared to that of previous periods,
  • A detailed analysis of visitor behaviour, conversion rate, and ad impression rate,
  • A deduplicated analysis of audience data.


In 2012, Bruno Guilbot, Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager in the company’s media marketing department, was in charge of the project to create centralised business dashboards for several different departments in the company. When presenting his project he stated that: “The AT Internet solution will help us respond to a vision of our dashboards which is both strategic (for the members of our senior management) and operational (for individual entities such as SEO or Media product managers).” The challenge was to be able to set up, in a very short period of time, an automated data retrieval system for data coming from more than 50 different AT level 1 sites for complete and coherent audience management.  


The results

By easily connecting the AT Internet solution with existing tools, the Solocal Group has been successful in automating all of the processes for generating dashboards, saving the company a considerable amount of time.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Data Query tool and the autonomy that it provides, it is no longer necessary to rely on requesting custom exports which involve creating specific projects with rather long deadlines.

Web analysts rely on reference templates which are customisable depending on the sites to be analysed. In terms of flexibility, Bruno Guilbot, Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager, says that:

“The constant and continual evolution of our websites and applications means that new analytics needs arise on a regular basis, which we are able to respond to quickly thanks to the flexibility of the AT Internet tools.”

He goes on to say that: “In the end, the AT Internet API remained easy to integrate into our tools, without any major technical intervention, which would not have been the case with a classic SOAP API which would have required integrating increasingly complex code and functions.”




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