Facilitating the management of traffic audience through automated dashboards. 



Solocal specialises in advertising and digital marketing as well as research and intermediation services between individuals and professionals. As a major European player in terms of Internet advertising revenues, it is critical for the company to measure its audience volume as accurately as possible. 

billion visits
billion € sales
of the total figure generated by digital media
Bruno Guilbot Solocal Case study AT Internet
AT Internet provided us with dashboards that are both strategic, for the members of our senior management – and operational, for individual entities such as SEO or Media product managers.
Bruno Guilbot,
Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager – Solocal
The Challenge

Solocal needed to set up an automated data retrieval system for data coming from more than 50 different sites that are continually updatedThis involved monitoring general audience levels by traffic acquisition source, media type, and channel for traffic volume (visits, page views, etc.) with its evolution compared to that of previous periods. They also needed to carry out a detailed analysis of visitor behaviour, as well as conversions, ad impression rates and a deduplicated analysis of audience data. 


By connecting AT Internet’s solution with existing tools, Solocal automated and streamlined all of the processes for generating dashboardsThe web analytics teams could also start working autonomously thanks to the easy-to-use API and the flexibility of the solution that continually adapted the analyses to all the group’s sites and applications. 

AT Internet’s easy-to-use solution means that our web analysts are completely autonomous in creating the API URLs.
Bruno Guilbot
Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager – Solocal Group