Optimising the site to respond to a rise in traffic and driving the digital strategy over the long term. 



With over 300 million users worldwideSoundCloud is the leading online platform for storing and sharing audio files. To cope with the rapid rise of its online traffic, the group had increasingly advanced requirements and needed guidance analysing its digital performance.



Darius Kilstein Soundcloud AT Internet
AT Internet enabled us to uncover the real potential of each functionality, page, zone and piece of content on the platform.
Darius Kilstein
Insight Manager, SoundCloud
The Challenge

With strong increases in traffic volume, SoundCloud very quickly became confronted with the limits of using free analytics tools for measuring its web audience. They needed a powerful solution that provided intuitive segmentation and advanced analyses in order to enhance their strategy and boost revenue.


AT Internet helped SoundCloud to detect several new areas of potential for its platformBy using the AT Internet API to cross-compare statistical web data with other analytics KPIs from its information systems, SoundCloud’s teams were able to optimise the overall usability of the site – as well as enhance the help & support centres and improve the area for file upload. By running a series of A/B tests, SoundCloud have considerably enhanced the group’s long term digital marketing strategy. 

We chose AT Internet for their expertise, as well as their human qualities and collaborative approach.
Ole Bahlmann
Product Manager, SoundCloud