Case study

Analytics success story: SOUNDCLOUD

SoundCloud places AT Internet at the core of its digital strategy to develop and optimise its music platform. “In addition to the intrinsic qualities of the AT Internet solution, we felt that the teams were motivated, competent, understood our area of work very well, and we still have a very good relationship with them. These points also make the difference.” Ole Bahlmann, product manager, SoundCloud  


Customer: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s leading platform for storing and sharing audio files online. Millions of Internet users worldwide have access to the SoundCloud platform, where they can listen to, upload and share audio content on social networks.  


The challenge: The right solution for advanced digital analytics needs

With strong increases in traffic volume, SoundCloud very quickly became confronted with the limits of using free tools for measuring web audiences. The group chose AT Internet’s digital analytics solution to respond to its increasingly advanced needs and for guidance with analysing its digital performance. By using the AT Internet API to cross-compare statistical web data with other analytics KPIs from its information systems, SoundCloud’s teams have been able to carry out several new developments, optimise usability, and run A/B tests that have considerably impacted the group’s digital marketing strategy in the long term.  


Results: SoundCloud optimises its music platform

SoundCloud was able to detect new areas of potential for its platform and direct its digital strategy accordingly, thanks to detailed analytics reporting showing navigational analyses and streaming protocols used. By using AT Internet’s web analytics solution, SoundCloud was able to achieve its digital analytics goals:

  • Advanced usability analytics for its web interface
  • Improve the area for file upload
  • Optimise the Help and Support Centres
  • Identify and select relevant technical tools




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