Case study

Analytics success story: RAMBLER.RU

Rambler increases its click-through rate by 32%. “At Rambler we don’t like measuring things just to obtain numbers. The AT Internet solution has provided us with answers to specific questions and has helped us simplify our business tasks. The tool is both powerful and flexible and we have a set of standard reports which are easy to use without any specific training.Data analysis is no longer a privilege but a regular task for the team.” Dmitry Alekseev, Product Manager.  



Optimising content personalisation algorithms to provide the right people with the right content The content to be displayed is carefully selected from more than 2,000 partner media resources. Rambler’s objective is to create a new type of data-driven media. Average daily audience figures for the portal include 2.8 million visitors, 8.9 million page views, with each visitor getting to see exactly what they want to. How is this possible? The answer lies in content personalisation algorithms based on profiles and browsing behaviour. In order to increase the performance of the algorithms at Rambler, we need to understand how accurate our current personalisation techniques are, paying particular attention to the relevance of recommended content. This is a somewhat complicated task for several reasons:

  • Different materials can appear in the same position for different visitors. We therefore have to analyse the popularity of the material, not its position as is usually the case.
  • Considerable traffic volume.
  • Complex segmentation involved in the analysis. For example, analysing the behaviour of organic audiences using specific portal services.

Rambler chose to implement AT Internet solutions to help solve this puzzle.  



What has been the outcome? The maximum click-through rate (CTR) for personalised material has increased by 32%. Since implementing the AT Internet digital analytics solution Rambler is now able to estimate personalisation accuracy for the entire portal and the different services that it contains. Complex segmentation is used heavily for marketing campaigns, partner programmes, loyal core audience, users of specific services, etc. The following figures illustrate the success that Rambler has had to date:

  • Average daily clicks on personalised material rose from 990,000 in April 2013 to 1.2 million in June 2013.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) analyses show that Rambler’s core audience as well as new visitors like personalisation.
  • Rambler generates more traffic to partner media sites than social networks including Facebook and Twitter. During April 2013 Rambler generated 1.134 million clicks to Russian media resources, whereas Facebook and Twitter generated 401,000 and 420,000 clicks respectively.



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