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Ticket Liquidator is a site that connects buyers and sellers to a large selection of tickets across different price ranges to thousands of events worldwide. Every second counts in the highly competitive online ticket market, so the company’s goal is to maximise the 1-3 hour window from when tickets go on sale for new events. 

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AT Internet’s solution gives us more information in a shorter amount of time, and with less manual work.
Steve Murray,
Senior vice president of operations at Ticket Liquidator
The Challenge

The majority of Ticket Liquidator’s sales take place in the hours following the release of tickets for a new event. The group also spends significantly on pay-per-click advertising to be at the top of search results during this short strategic window. The key challenges were therefore to measure site traffic and digital activity in real time in order to optimise conversions and marketing investment – and track the origins of orders placed via telephone – to obtain a holistic and more accurate view of both online and offline sources of conversion.


AT Internet enables Ticket Liquidator to rapidly share unsampled, real-time analytics data across teams via performance dashboards. This allows them to optimise ad spend in real time and quickly identify technical issues to maintain profitabilityThey are also able to gain a holistic view of online and offline conversions, saving 15 hours per week on reporting and analysis and boosting profits by 5%. AT Internet’s on-hand consultants are also key to the success of the analytics projects, providing dedicated expert support. 

With AT Internet, we’re able to put our questions to the support centre and get quick answers.
Steve Murray,
Senior vice president of operations at Ticket Liquidator