Streamlining the customer journey, boosting the conversion rate and guaranteeing immediate and reliable information for our internet users. 





With more than 100,000 employees in 130 countriesTotal is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company. Its goal is to optimise the online fuel ordering service on its site and significantly increase the conversion rate. 

Largest oil and gas company in the world
In revenue (2014)
Conversion rate

Case study Total
AT Internet provides Total France managers with key information that allows us to improve our offer.
Cédric Vigneau
e-Business Manager, Total France  
The Challenge

To realise the high potential for online fuel orders, Total France needed to carry out an in-depth analysis of Internet users’ browsing habits and highlight the drawbacks of the ordering system. The next step was to promote consistency in the different steps of the order, provide Internet users with reliable information and increase the overall conversion rate of fuel orders. 


By taking advantage of AT Internet’s digital analytics solution and e-Commerce module Total was able to make a range of improvements across different departments. The product marketing department could effectively measure the impact of the product range – purchasing/sales could more efficiently anticipate supplies, the IT manager anticipated increased site activity and the trading partnerships manager could boost the added value for company partners. 

Working with AT Internet has been a strategic success and has considerably improved the service for our customers.
Cédric Vigneau
e-Business Manager, Total France