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Detect and identify cross-device behavioural and transactional specificities in order to implement specific actions.  





Veepee is the leader of online flash sales in France and specialises in overstock sales for fashion and homeware and as a generator of visibility for brands. With 3.5 million unique visitors every day, the company generates more than 50% of its sales revenue via mobile. 

Unique visitors every day
Gross revenue
Case study Julien Bizet
The connection between AT Internet’s API and our datamart gives us a view that’s quantitative, behavioural and also segmented.
Julien Bizet, 
The Challenge

To support its online flash sale business model, Veepee uses multi-device analytics to measure traffic across desktop, tablets, and mobile phones, etc. The company’s main challenge is understanding and anticipating how users truly behave across devices – and the impact their behaviour has on conversions – in order to take full advantage of each device’s specific characteristics, and optimise the overall cross-device customer journey. 


By determining the specific customer profiles across different devices, Veepee was able to adapt its merchandising to each specific deviceand streamline & shorten the purchase process on mobile. They were also able to make the product sheets and visuals far more user friendly, define and create new mobile-specific features and fully optimise the customer journey across all devices.