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Make the most of your AB testing data with the interconnection of AB Tasty’s and AT Internet’s solutions. AB Tasty is an A/B and multivariate testing tool that’s simple, intuitive and empowering to your marketing teams. The software is composed of two interfaces: a WYSIWYG editor designed for test implementation, and a reporting interface. AB Tasty focuses on the simplicity and speed of test implementation. In just a few clicks, an A/B test can be setup and launched. Thanks to the integration of AB Tasty and AT Internet, you can use all goals, events and custom variables already set up in order to deeply analyse your test results.  



  • Transfer results to AT Internet interface
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor interface
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Advanced targeting module
  • Create A/B and multivariate tests (MVT)
  • “Segment by variation” mode
  • Reporting interface
  • Advanced goal filtering
  • Analyse tests via AT Internet platform



About AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an A/B testing solution that’s simple and intuitive. Created in 2009 by the web analytics company Liwio, AB Tasty’s goal is to help companies improve conversions and usability via testing, and to get the right message to audiences using segmentation. With more than 100 customer accounts and 15,000 tests launched over the last two years, AB Tasty has become the French leader in A/B testing.


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