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Today, 25% to 30% of Internet users have an adblocker installed. Consequently, not only are ads blocked, but many third-party elements on your site are blocked as well, including analytics tools like AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2.


On average, 10% to 15% of your analytics data is blocked. With the AdBack x AT Internet connection:


  • Recover this 10% to 15% of data blocked by ad blockers
  • Display your favourite AdBack data directly in your AT Internet segments
  • Avoid marketing biases due to missing data (as a result of ad blocking) from your various acquisition channels to further refine your marketing decisions


About AdBack

AdBack analyses trends in how people use ad blockers, helping more than 300 sites in France, Europe, LATAM and Asia with their ad reconquering strategy via two main levers:


  • AdBack Data: identify adblocker user profiles, from the most to least ad-resistant. In order to respect users, we only target those who are most open to our monetisation solutions.
  • AdBack Monetization: monetise the portion of your audience that’s most receptive to ads in non-intrusive formats. Display your own campaigns, or leave your blocked inventory in our hands, and we’ll take care of monetisation thanks to our various ad partners and programmatic connectors.


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