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AT Connect Admo allows you to measure the impact of your TV & RADIO campaigns on your entire digital platforms, sites or applications.


Simply evaluate the resonance of your ads and analyse their impact on exposed visitors with a few clicks.  Optimise conversions by creating segments and exports from the collected data. AT Connect Admo helps you to better manage the Drive-to-web effect of your TV & RADIO campaigns.


  1. Campaign tracking: Simply enable the tracking of TV & RADIO advertising campaigns with Admo technology. We provide you with the line of code to add to your website.


  1. Performance analysis: Benefit from key statistics and indicators about your TV & RADIO ads. Easily find the number of visits generated by your campaigns.


  1. Audience segmentation: Create segments of visitors exposed to TV & RADIO ads in a few clicks, in order to more accurately analyse their behaviours and habits


  1. Retargeting of exposed visitors: Export this data to third-party tools to implement various retargeting actions and maximise your conversions.


  1. Information sharing: Integrate TV & RADIO ads data into your Dashboards to automate the sharing of these key data through various means: Email, PDF, web links…



 About, the market leader in TV & RADIO analytics, launched in January 2015. Our mission is to push ever higher the value of television and radio advertising – for advertisers, channels, agencies, and audiences. Backed up by six years of experience in the field of TV/Digital convergence, is the only analytics platform with its very own real-time ad-recognition technology, which is patented in Europe.

That technological advance is the company’s DNA. From the outset, it has ensured that our offer is independent, agile, and of unparalleled reliability. now analyses and optimises the impact of offline campaigns on the online business of more than 400 advertisers. With offices in Paris and London, we are proud to have major brands such as BNP Paribas, Accor, Match, and Peugeot among our clients.


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