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Batch is the leader of push notifications and Mobile CRM. Thanks to its exhaustive user engagement platform on Mobile and Browser channels, you can communicate in a more personalised way with your smartphone users. Reduce your churn and boost your app ROI.


The partnership between AT Internet and Batch allows you to make the most of each of your cloud marketing tools and avoid data silos:

  • Take advantage of the Analytics Suite 2’s rich segmentation to precisely target your push notification and In-App message campaigns. AT Internet’s segments are sent to Batch in the form of Custom Audiences.
  • Tag your campaigns to collect data on push notification opens and custom source traffic tied to your omnichannel CRM strategy, and display it all within your Analytics Suite 2 dashboards.



Batch is founded on a simple observation: when smartphone apps are well developed and used, they are probably the best engagement opportunity for every digitised brand.


However, very few apps manage to make it to the coveted first page on a user’s smartphone. While this communication channel offers exceptional opportunities, it often suffers a high churn rate, mainly because apps communicate poorly with users, or not enough.’s mission is to help every brand and mobile app publisher maximise their activation and retention rate from the first moments of use, at every step of the customer lifecycle, and all along the conversion funnel. That’s why Batch has designed its leading analytics & CRM platform for push notifications, web notifications and in-app messages, enabling you to engage your mobile users in a smarter and morepersonalised way.


When mobile push notifications, web push notifications and in-app messages from’s platform are all used together, engagement rate grows +70% on average after a month, and retention rate grows by +100% after 6 months. Batch also offers dedicated and comprehensive support to help its clients to reach north of 70% push notification opt-in rate.


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