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AT Connect Decibel Insight allows you to link data analysed and displayed in the Analytics Suite to visitor sessions recorded by Decibel Insight.

The connector is user-friendly and helps you to understand user behaviour on your website. By segmenting your data in the Analytics Suite using Data Query or displaying your analysis in a dashboard, you can link a specific visit to the session recorded by Decibel Insight.

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Decibel Insight analyses the digital body language of users on your website or app, pinpointing where they get frustrated, engaged, or confused – so you’re equipped to optimise their experiences.

Powered by machine learning, our award-winning technology processes hundreds of revolutionary behavioral metrics – from mouse movements and device rotations, to pop-ups and errors – capturing an accurate picture of every user’s on-page experience.

The world’s largest brands – including Lego, General Motors, British Airways, and AllState Insurance – use Decibel Insight to locate opportunities to improve the customer experience and collaborate across their organisations to put the customer first.


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